Goodell to RGIII: “T-Shirts are more important than handcuffs”

Robert Griffin would be left alone if he was in handcuff.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is getting out of control. In a move that Ebeneser Scrooge would applaud the NFL  fined Robert Griffin III 10,000 dollars for wearing unauthorized apparel before Monday night’s preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The horror, he wasn’t wearing a approved T-shirt by the commissioner! The fines were incurred because the NFL states that all players should follow the uniform rules before the game as well as during and after.  Last year the NFL fined RGIII for wearing  Adidas  clothing after a game because of the contract between Nike and the NFL.  Maybe it’s just me but, the NFL seemingly has their focus on the wrong things.  Granted, I don’t  think professional players should be wearing  just anything when they step out into the public eye representing the league they play in.  But, I don’t think every player should have to don the suit a’ la New York Yankee style. It is important to look reasonable at least.  Instead,  the NFL fails to understand that RGIII was sending a message to his fans in Redskins nation and  fined him for being out of regulations.

The NFL is worried about what their  top jersey selling player is wearing when another former star wore a nice suit and button down shirt to court yesterday. That’s sickly ironic because the former NFL star in court accessorized with a nice pair of shiny handcuffs as he was indicted on first degree murder charges.  If I ran the league I wouldn’t be concerned with RGIII and more concerned with the image Aaron Hernandez was portraying the NFL endorses. The NFL  has become a lot of things  since Roger Goodell took over  for Paul Tagliabue, understanding is not one of them. In a short amount of time the NFL has gone from having a few players taking  headlines for criminal acts to keeping their public relations department  working overtime.  In the past off-season over 30 players were arrested and gave the NFL a giant national black eye.  At the top of the list is Aaron Hernandez who was arrested for his involvement in a apparent gangland type of murder of a friend. This isn’t about Aaron Hernandez right now says the NFL, it’s about RGIII and his unwillingness to make us more money than he already does by wearing an Adidas shirt.

If the NFL was really worried about their image they should start with overhauling their front office. Since Goodell has arrived the fan friendly atmosphere  the league was known for has evaporated in a puff of smoke.  Players can’t wear what they want, they can’t do their dances after touchdowns.  No more salsa dances without  a possible flag being thrown, no more Ickey shuffle and that’s not the worst of it. The NFL has crossed the line into the stands and begun to affect the fans.  Fans will now be subject to being frisked more often coming into games and the ladies coming have to bring a clear plastic purses that will leave them to being more susceptible to get mugged.  The point I’m trying to make is that the NFL isn’t the  fan friendly environment we all grew up with and it’s affecting all involved.  The NFL isn’t concerned with bringing players who’s actions off the field are less than savory, they’re more concerned with getting as much revenue out of said players before they commit crimes that will get them kicked out of the league one way or the other.  Goodell needs to take a good long look at how they’re  acting and what they are implementing throughout the league.  Goodell  shouldn’t be worried about making the best decision for the owner’s pocket as well as his while he shows empty and fake concern for a game he is ruining.  Instead, Goodell should realize that the preservation of the game we all love is tops. It’s not the bottom line or even how much revenue he can pump into his friends pockets. It’s doing anything possible to preserve the way the game is played. The exact reasons the NFL has become  so successful are the same things Goodell is systematically destroying. If Goodell actually sees NFL football for a game and not a business things will reverse course.  If he can, then he will see that what unauthorized T-shirts players wear doesn’t matter as much as the cuffs  being worn below them.

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  2. Very well stated. Goodell needs to back off some. He reminds me of someone else.when he gets finish with all his bullshit, the NFL will need to work overtime to repair its image. Glad he is harrassing others and leavibg the SAINTS alone now.

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